Uggh I’m behind, so BEHIND

Hey beautiful people! 

I apologize for being more than a month  behind . Even with the best of intentions,  I just could not get my stuff together this week. I tried switching my Fluoxetine to take in the morning instead of the night because I thought that may help me to wake up earlier so I can be productive in the morning because I never know exactly what time I will be home from work. However , I have not been consistent with that at all . Consistency and I do NOT get along . I will work harder and make a conscious effort to be more present on this blog , no matter what stands in my way. I have made a committment to have a platform for mental wellness and I WILL see it through. You have my word oh beautiful ones!

Wow what a last couple of weeks in the realm of mental wellness- right??? Sadly with the deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, this FINALLY got people talking about mental illness and how much of a profound effect it can have on life. These were two people who seemed to “have it all together”, extremely talented, praised and well respected by millions. Mental illness IS A REAL ILLNESS, a silent killer and cannot just be put on the back burner anymore. We must do more as a society to foster mental wellness and to support each other and reign supreme over mental illness.

SOOOOO, here I go with the support and fostering. <sprinkling fairy dust> Oh beautiful ones ,First of all NOTHING is that bad to take your own life.   Understandibly it may seem and feel that way at times , maybe more times than you care to admit . Every single one of you is special in your own right. You have a purpose on this earth, you wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. I just want ya’ll to know that !  I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE! I am craving to help as many people as I can that struggle with mental illness with this blog , so I need your input, I want you to be the best human being you possibly can be.

If this blog is not enough for you right now , please seek professional help . We can’t do it all ourselves, we need support , we need help. IT IS OK. It doesn’t have to be with a psychiatrist, it can be with a life coach , a religious leader, a counselor, or  an anonymous hotline. Here are some resources :


If mental health difficulties are leading you to consider suicide or think about death often, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s national network of local crisis centers. This 24-hour hotline is available to anyone in crisis and provides free and confidential emotional support and crisis intervention.

This unique hotline is available via text message to anyone experiencing mental health difficulties or an emotional crisis. Highly trained counselors offer support and guidance to calm you down and make sure you are safe.

If you’re ready to seek professional treatment for your mental health condition, SAMHSA’s helpline and web-based behavioral health treatment services locator can help you find information about treatment providers, therapists counselors, support groups, and community resources in your area.

The NAMI Helpline is available Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST to answer your general questions about mental health issues and treatment options. You can get information on mental health services in your area and learn how to help a loved one find treatment.

I didn’t know this organization even existed . They had wonderful resources on their website – especially those dealing with sexual assault.


It is my great hope that these listed resources may be able to benefit you in addition to this blog, so NOW the fun stuff……..


For this week , watch at  least 3 hilarious , laugh till you pee , crying laughing movies. They HAVE to make you laugh, that is the one and only criteria! If it has a sad part, fast forward through it 

Here are my top 5

  1. Naked Gun – doesn’t matter which one – they are all hysterical 
  2. My Cousin Vinny- 3 words -Mona Lisa Vito
  3. Coming to America – NEVER GETS OLD , Arsenio Hall was the best!
  4. Something about Mary. Where do I even begin???
  5. Airplane ” Don’t call me Shirley”.

Have at it ! 

I wish you peace, joy and happiness , all the days of my life!



43 y/o from Luling, Louisiana . RN for 18 years . I also teach spin and yoga classes. I'm married for 16 years and have a four legged child named Mia . Trying to make the world a better place through mental wellness