First Post – OMGGGGGG

Hey ya’ll !! So I’m just going to start doing this . You have to start sometime and somewhere right???My name is Celeste and welcome to my blog – “The Fluoxetine Queen”. This is a blog about mental wellness, my struggle with chemical imbalance and my journey with Fluoxetine (generic name for Prozac). This blog is a work in progress so I apologize for the newbie mistakes , however I have very high aspirations that it will be helpful to all walks of life. My dream is to foster mental wellness through this blog.

I have to be honest , I did not like the cover of my blog at first . I thought to myself this is supposed to be a blog about improving mental wellbeing and I picked the scene which contradicts my happy place -the beach. When I started looking at the woman in the center- all bundled up , by herself, looking very sad to me , when the scenery around her was so beautiful , I said to myself “This is the kind of person I want to blog to” – alone on the inside , where everything around you is beautiful and magical.

I look forward to connecting with you all , there will be plenty of good things to come so buckle up it’s going to be a wonderful ride

I wish you peace, joy and happiness everyday of your life,


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