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    Uggh I’m behind, so BEHIND

    Hey beautiful people!  I apologize for being more than a month  behind . Even with the best of intentions,  I just could not get my stuff together this week. I tried switching my Fluoxetine to take in the morning instead of the night because I thought that may help me to wake up earlier so I can be productive in the morning because I never know exactly what time I will be home from work. However , I have not been consistent with that at all . Consistency and I do NOT get along . I will work harder and make a conscious effort to be more present on this…

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    2nd Post – Yes I am still doing this !!!

    Hello beautiful people, First of all , thank you to all who read my first EVER blog post. I hope you enjoyed it . God knows I was so nervous about it, however, you have to start somewhere right?  This weekend I had to face my old friend Peter Panic  . Yes he’s back  and in full force during my scuba diving class this weekend. I am taking a trip to Fiji this August which is one of the best places to scuba in the world. My husband also would like to take a shark diving trip to San Diego after our Fiji trip and you need to be dive…

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