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    New content coming soon !

    Hey beauiful people! I am trying to get my butt in gear. I have enlisted the help of a wonderful website designer Liz Theresa to help me blow this blog out of the universe! I miss ya”ll so much but I need this blog to be better so I my inspiration can know no bounds when I talk to ya’ll. See ya’ll  soon ! Wishing you joy, peace, love and happiness everyday of your life, Celeste 

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    Let’s get physical !!

    Hey Beautiful People, How is everyone? I hope and pray everyone is doing well both mentally and physically. If you are struggling daily, it is my hope that you check out some of the listed resources in my last blog. In particular, the Crisis Text Line, my two very best friends volunteer their time with this WONDERFUL service.   Mental Wellness Challenge #2 (You didn’t think I would forget right?!?!)                            DO SOMETHING ACTIVE It is my true belief that physical wellness= mental wellness- plain and simple. Take the movie “Legally Blonde”. Elle Woods is trying to defend her new client who is a fitness guru on trial…